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Sharing Success

Sharing Success

Blog posts   •   Mar 31, 2017 14:25 BST

2016 was the most successful year in LLA's long history. Passenger numbers increased by 18.5% to 14.5 million, we welcomed more airlines, added dozens of new routes and embarked on an ambitious redevelopment. Before a single spade was placed in the ground we made a firm commitment to ensure our local communities share in the benefits of our transformation.

Taking our passengers on a culinary journey

Taking our passengers on a culinary journey

Blog posts   •   Nov 15, 2016 17:23 GMT

The £110m development currently underway at the airport isn’t just about transforming the terminal and transport links, it’s about transforming the experience for passengers; we want to make sure that people have the best possible journey from the moment they set foot in the airport.